Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Young Leaders Complete First Aid Course!!

 Congratulations to the Support Sport Leaders that passed their First Aid Certificates this sunday at Milverton Primary School, Leamington Spa on Sunday.

Young People aged 13-19 had to reinact emergency situations using techniques such as Danger, Response, Airways and Breathing to remind them in hectic situations.

They practice chest compressions on a variety of people and dummies in order to experience fully the different circumstances they may incur.

As well as life threatening situations, they also learned about sport specific first aid, what to do in case of a head or neck injury, how to act when a child has a nose bleed etc.
First Aid Tutor Nigel Ashworth of Ashwood Health Ltd commented on the young leaders attitude to learn

" they have been an absolute pleasure and have been asking questions which has helped them in order to cement their techniques a little"

Mentor Joe Graham added:

"Its great to see them keep developing their skills as some of them are hoping to earn some paid work and it also ensures that we are offering the best service to our local community in safe surroundings. Many organisations only have one first aider present but its good for us as an organisation and the young people to all have their own qualification!"

In the near future, Leaders will be utilising these skills to work on projects as volunteers in Primary Schools in South Leamington on the Fit4Sport project, increasing childrens fitness skills in a fun environment.

They will also support our work in the Packmores estate in Warwick, where we will be delivering multi-sport sessions for children and young people aged between 4-14. Alongside this they will remain a focal part of the ever growing Kenilworth Mini Games project. To book onto any of these courses please contact Joe Graham on 07801597666 or supportsport@live.co.uk.

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