Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Project Brazil

Project Brazil is a project set up by The GAP Creative in order to support young people from neighbourhoods in Warwick District to develop their understanding of Brazillian culture and learn critical skills and experiences that they may have missed out on so far in life!

It is then also to show young people in Brazil a little bit about our culture, and support some of the projects that run for children and young people in their country.

Last years project entailed visits and support for various music, sport and arts projects for children and young people from deprived backgrounds and Support Sport have been invited to take one young person for this years trip.

Have a look to see last years trip for yourself!


We now need to raise funds for the trip to take place, an we are looking for the support of the local community help contribute to the trip. Project Brazil looks to become a growing and reputable project in years to come and therefore would also be a worthwhile donation for commercial causes! Please donate now to help ensure this valuable project can go ahead!

Donate to local charities at Localgiving.com

We will be adding further info regarding some of our events so keep an eye out! We are also looking for fundraising ideas and would be interested in any suggestions. Please contact us on supportsport@live.co.uk

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sports Leaders From Warwick - Unity in the Community!

Tutor Mark Morrey with
group on a theory task
In February last year Support Sport embarked on a project to increase the levels of cohesion and community spirit in the areas of North and West Warwick, specifically targetting the Percy and Packmores estates.
The ethos of our project, Unity in the Community, was to use the engagement that sports can provide, coupled with the trust, respect and teamwork that becoming a leader would need to not only provide a friday night diversory away from alcohol, drugs and anti-social behaviour, but to actually provide a long term change in mindset for
young people to become role-models, peer mentors and inspirational leaders within their own communities.
After evaluating the project and speaking to YP about the effect it has had on both their lives and the lives of young people in their communities, or that they have worked with since they completed the project, we have realised exactly how big the potential impact of this project is!

Charles Brooke Taylor Setting up
a game he had to make up from
Some of the YP had not been involved in employment, education or training for some time (NEET) and we demonstrated that engagement and positive relationships can be the answer to engaging young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

After completing an evaluation of the project, this will shortly be available for people to see. The feedback has been extremely positive from all that it hs effected.

One of the young people recently undertook an intyerview, and made the following statement:

"I finished school at 16 and was out of work until i was 20, i was hanging around on the streets for this period of time smoking weed and causing trouble with my friends and not caring about my future and career. Joe then said to me that he was going to be running a course at Woodloes School to develop young people into sports leaders.

 I said i would do it but when the night actually came i had no motivation to go.. I missed the first 2 weeks due to lack of confidence and motivation but Joe came round my house and persuaded me to go on the course because he knew it would change my life and benefit me in the long run. 

For the first couple of weeks i didnt want to go but when i was actually there i really enjoyed it and continued to attend the course. It has changed my life becuase i am now doing an apprentiship in sports and getting all my qualifications.

I havent had the best of pasts and even now some things come back and bite me but working with Support Sport has given me the stability to move forward"

Tutor Joe Graham raising debate over
the importance of a variety skills to be a leader

Jack and Stacey, from Warwick,
organising our tournament held at Woodloes
Primary School
To complete their qualification, young people held an event (Football Tournament at Woodloes School), which was extremely successful and we are now looking to sustain this each year as a fundraising event.

The event will hold its own page with pictures and videos in future! Many of the young leaders have also continued to volunteer for us and their local sports clubs (see pics below)!

Kenilworth Mini Games, set up by young people
 for younger peers

Finally, a massive thanks to Warwick District Council, Warwickshire County Council and Awards for All (Big Lottery Fund) for their contributions and funding support for the length of the project, and congratulations to the following YP for their efforts/completion of:

Sports Leaders Level 1 Award
  • Ella Keal
  • Tyler Connelly
  • Paul Burton
  • Zoe England
  • Steph Riley
  • Jordan Bass
  • Amy Swallow
  • More to be added on confirmation  
Sports Leaders Level 2 Award
  • Tyler Coleman
  • Jonny Shaw
  • Charlie Chapman
  • Emily Saunders
  • Charles Brooke-Taylor
  • Jack Washbrooke
  • Linda Turner
  • Corrie Mancini
  • Nick Bolitho
  • Ashley Dickson
  • Stacey Doughty
  • Lentine Shaw
  • Callum Anderson
  • Natalie Raby
  • More to be added on confirmation
  • You can now also donate to this project through local giving, please click the button below:

Donate to local charities at Localgiving.com

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Xmas lights

Support Sport raised £90 towards their Xmas activities this week at their stall at the Xmas lights on kenilworth Warwick road.

Volunteers were working tirelessly to set the stall up from the start and allthough sales were slow to start we made the impact we had hoped in engaging with the kenilworth community.

There was a clear focus of children and young people that enjoyed our penalty shootout speedgun stall. The winner of the over 16s category was Rowe (pictured below) who managed to reach 59mph in difficult conditions.

Well done to all of our volunteers who helped out on the night, bring on next year!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome to Support Sport

Support Sport Ltd are a not for profit organisation developed in order to support children and young people through sport and leadership activities. We are passionate about providing support for young people aged 13+ to develop as leaders in their community. This has an unbelievable effect on the lives of young people increasing ambitions, goals and confidence. Check out some of our case studies and projects we deliver across the site...Enjoy!

Street Soccer League @ Coventry Boys Club!!

Support Sport's StreetStart SoccerLeague has been granted funding from Sported. a sports charity focused on developing sport for social causes in the UK.

The project will run for approximately 10 weeks on friday evenings and will target ages 13+ in inner city Coventry.

It will be ran by qualified coaches and referees and also in conjunction with Coventry Boys Club, who will be also have the opportunity to then engage young people into some of their other opportunities.

We are now taking team entries so please enter a team by printing, completing and sending in the flier below.

Check out some of the links I have placed below, that show how succesful previous projects can be!


Our project will be piloted in the coming months so we are looking for organisations allready working with young people or wanting to get involved to get in touch.

Young people will either be able to come as part of a team, or play in a team set up by Support Sport/CBC. We are taking a maximum of 8 teams for our initial pilot project, so please dont wait to enter your team!! The first games are planned for 9th March 2012!

Please send any enquiries or info to supportsport@live.co.uk or call Joe Graham on 07801 597666, or contact Shaun at Coventry Boys Club.

You can also contribute to the ongoing success of this project by donating through local giving (click below)!

Donate to local charities at Localgiving.com

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Support Sport Soccer Sevens: BOOK BEFORE 21/2/12 AND GET £5 OFF PER TEAM!

Support Sport Soccer 7's is a summer soccer festival for girls and boys, that is ran by youth leaders that are currently learning to be effective sports coaches and role models in their community for other young children from a variety of backgrounds.

Not only is this opportunity a fantastic opportunity for childrens football teams, but it also has an underlying social cause.

The competition provides a day of fun-filled competitions for children from a variety of teams to come together and enjoy the opportunities!

Last year the winners Stratford Town Girls FC were ecstatic about winning the girls competition, and Manager Mike Botterill commented:

"The girls have had a marvellous time and i have to admit that i am extremely impressed with the way the tournament was run"

This year we are running a tournament at Harbury Lane Recreation Ground for Girls U10, 11's and 12's on Saturday 7th July  and Boys U9's, 10's, 11's and 12's on Sunday 8th July 2012. Please read the rules before the day and ensure you fill in the entry form correctly.

The tournament will consist of the below facilities to ensure an action packed day for both children and parents:

  • Bouncy Castle
  • Penalty Shootout
  • Penalty Shootout Speedgun
  • Skills Competitions
  • Music
  • Control Tent
  • Onsite toilets/changing area
  • Food/Refreshments/Barbecue
  • Freindly and qualified volunteer

Funds raised will go towards the further development of youth leaders and sustainability of other projects such as Project Brazil, Kenilworth Mini Games, Unity in the Community amongst many other good cause in a variety of communities! People who would like to donate to the project can also do this through our local giving page (please click the button below).

Donate to local charities at Localgiving.com

Please read the attached flyers and contact supportsport@live.co.uk for enquiries over tournament rules, an invitation letter, or generally how to book a place. We will consider discounts for clubs that submit multiple teams so please dont hesitiate to ask questions. More details will follow shortly!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Support Sport Xmas Holiday Activities

Support Sport would like to say thanks to the 48 children that took part in our October half term sports activities....bring on Xmas holidays!!

The dates we are running multi-sports at kenilworth youth and community centre, cv81qj are December 19th-23rd! 10-3pm all week.

Also many thanks to our volunteer leaders Jonny Shaw, Ollie Holmes, Tyler Colman, Jack Washbrooke and Stacey Doughty. Prices remain at £6p/d or £25p/w per child. See you at Xmas!!

To book a place please contact Joe Graham on 07801597666 or supportsport@live.co.uk

Monday, November 14, 2011

Funding needed for Kenilworth Mini Games!

As many people will know Support Sport run a volunteer development programme for young people that want to improve their social skills, confidence , leadership or want to pursue employment, training or need the support of our organisation as a whole.

These volunteers work tirelessly to provide young children with accessible sports and social opportunities in a safe and fun environment.

At the moment this service is under threat as it costs alot of money to run and despite fundraising efforts we fear that the project is not self sustainable.

We are looking for local businesses or individuals, that care about their community, to sponsor or make a donation or investment in the project to support the project for the foreseeable future.

Donate to local charities at Localgiving.com

If you have any queries or would like further information then please contact supportsport@live.co.uk or call 07801597666 and speak to Joe Graham.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Support Sport Apprenticeship Scheme!

Stacey Doughty officially signed up to become Support Sport's first apprentice today.

"She is working with us in schools, local communities and clubs etc and has really impressed in her trial period".

Stacey used to be NEET (not in education, employment or training) since leaving school, but has demonstrated the makings of a fantastic sports coach since getting involved in our youth project Unity in the Community! The project was funded by Awards for All Big Lottery Fund and Warwick District Council.

"we are aiming to provide a pathway for sucess for young people, starting right in the heart of their communities and inspiring the individuals to keep on developing for years to come"
Director, Joe Graham
Stacey's apprenticeship has been kindly funded by Warwickshire Crimebeat, and Heart of England Training (left in photo) and SSCU Sport (right) have developed the programme for the guidance of Support Sport.

Stacey is also very pleased with her own progress as she states below:

"I have got so much more confidence, respect of other people and I'm really enjoying and appreciating the opportunity"

Friday, November 4, 2011

Kenilworth Mini Olympics Soccer!

Support Sport ran Kenilworth Mini Olympics Soccer camp in October half term 2011.. The course was held at Kenilworth Town Football Club and was aimed at children aged 7-12 for both boys and girls.
Over the 2 days the course consisted of Passing, Dribbling, Goalkeeping, Shooting, learning new skills and tricks and playing small sided games. The delivery of the course was shared between Joe Graham and the Young Leaders that Support Sport train through their programmes. 

We would like to thank the children that attended the course and hope that they enjoyed it as much as we did. This would not have been possible without the support of funding and also morale support of Warwick District Council Sports Development Team!

On the second day we held a Mini Olympic Soccer Competition, which was part of the theme for the the event, in order to inspire some of the children and remind them of the importance of the Olympic Games coming to London in 2012!

Of the 17 children that attended, four have been reccomended to sign on to local clubs, and another 5 have joined local football leagues themselves! on top of this, they have also continued to attend events held by Support Sport!

On an extremely positive note, Kenilworth Lions Club have recently made a donation to the project, in order to ensure that the opportunity can run again on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th of February Half Term, which will allow the project to grow and more children to attend the course!

This will allow the project to become more sustainable but it is a fantastic cause as it teaches children and young people valuable morales, skills and disciplines, whilst allowing them to socialise and learn from their peers/mentors. However, the project will continually cost money to run, and has a lot of time and hard work put into it, and therefore we are looking for future donations.

To donate, you can click on the link below and support our cause, or to book on for Feb Half Term, please contact Joe Graham on supportsport@live.co.uk or 07801597666.

Donate to local charities at Localgiving.com