Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Project Brazil

Project Brazil is a project set up by The GAP Creative in order to support young people from neighbourhoods in Warwick District to develop their understanding of Brazillian culture and learn critical skills and experiences that they may have missed out on so far in life!

It is then also to show young people in Brazil a little bit about our culture, and support some of the projects that run for children and young people in their country.

Last years project entailed visits and support for various music, sport and arts projects for children and young people from deprived backgrounds and Support Sport have been invited to take one young person for this years trip.

Have a look to see last years trip for yourself!


We now need to raise funds for the trip to take place, an we are looking for the support of the local community help contribute to the trip. Project Brazil looks to become a growing and reputable project in years to come and therefore would also be a worthwhile donation for commercial causes! Please donate now to help ensure this valuable project can go ahead!

Donate to local charities at Localgiving.com

We will be adding further info regarding some of our events so keep an eye out! We are also looking for fundraising ideas and would be interested in any suggestions. Please contact us on supportsport@live.co.uk

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