Sunday, December 18, 2011

Support Sport and Local Giving!

Support Sport have been invited to this marvelous opportunity by The Heart of England Community Foundation, where hosts our web page and also provides members of the public and other organisations to donate towards our causes!

Our web page that is hosted by the charity is and at present they are offering an Xmas Matchfund where they match any donations made to us by 100% and also give Giftaid on top of this!
Local giving are a ltd company set up by a secret millionairre in order to provide better support for the community and voluntary sector, especially since the economic downturn and cuts have effected the resources and provision that can be offered for a variety of groups that benefit from the services!

Stacey Doughty, Support Sports first Apprentice
So far we have raised £774 from the match fund and we are targetting £2500 (to continue our community work and deliver projects in more deprived estates in Coventry and Warwickshire!) before the £125,000 put aside by localgiving runs out! This is looking to be well before the planned Xmas day as the programme has now become very competitive!

Perhaps you would like to donate to Support Sport if you enjoy our services, if you are involved in local sport, or even if you like the social objectives that we are involved with. If you would like to make a donation to help us reach our target, then please click the button below.

Lets make sure our area gets its fair share of the opportunities that this can provide!!

Donate to local charities at

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