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Sports Leaders From Warwick - Unity in the Community!

Tutor Mark Morrey with
group on a theory task
In February last year Support Sport embarked on a project to increase the levels of cohesion and community spirit in the areas of North and West Warwick, specifically targetting the Percy and Packmores estates.
The ethos of our project, Unity in the Community, was to use the engagement that sports can provide, coupled with the trust, respect and teamwork that becoming a leader would need to not only provide a friday night diversory away from alcohol, drugs and anti-social behaviour, but to actually provide a long term change in mindset for
young people to become role-models, peer mentors and inspirational leaders within their own communities.
After evaluating the project and speaking to YP about the effect it has had on both their lives and the lives of young people in their communities, or that they have worked with since they completed the project, we have realised exactly how big the potential impact of this project is!

Charles Brooke Taylor Setting up
a game he had to make up from
Some of the YP had not been involved in employment, education or training for some time (NEET) and we demonstrated that engagement and positive relationships can be the answer to engaging young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

After completing an evaluation of the project, this will shortly be available for people to see. The feedback has been extremely positive from all that it hs effected.

One of the young people recently undertook an intyerview, and made the following statement:

"I finished school at 16 and was out of work until i was 20, i was hanging around on the streets for this period of time smoking weed and causing trouble with my friends and not caring about my future and career. Joe then said to me that he was going to be running a course at Woodloes School to develop young people into sports leaders.

 I said i would do it but when the night actually came i had no motivation to go.. I missed the first 2 weeks due to lack of confidence and motivation but Joe came round my house and persuaded me to go on the course because he knew it would change my life and benefit me in the long run. 

For the first couple of weeks i didnt want to go but when i was actually there i really enjoyed it and continued to attend the course. It has changed my life becuase i am now doing an apprentiship in sports and getting all my qualifications.

I havent had the best of pasts and even now some things come back and bite me but working with Support Sport has given me the stability to move forward"

Tutor Joe Graham raising debate over
the importance of a variety skills to be a leader

Jack and Stacey, from Warwick,
organising our tournament held at Woodloes
Primary School
To complete their qualification, young people held an event (Football Tournament at Woodloes School), which was extremely successful and we are now looking to sustain this each year as a fundraising event.

The event will hold its own page with pictures and videos in future! Many of the young leaders have also continued to volunteer for us and their local sports clubs (see pics below)!

Kenilworth Mini Games, set up by young people
 for younger peers

Finally, a massive thanks to Warwick District Council, Warwickshire County Council and Awards for All (Big Lottery Fund) for their contributions and funding support for the length of the project, and congratulations to the following YP for their efforts/completion of:

Sports Leaders Level 1 Award
  • Ella Keal
  • Tyler Connelly
  • Paul Burton
  • Zoe England
  • Steph Riley
  • Jordan Bass
  • Amy Swallow
  • More to be added on confirmation  
Sports Leaders Level 2 Award
  • Tyler Coleman
  • Jonny Shaw
  • Charlie Chapman
  • Emily Saunders
  • Charles Brooke-Taylor
  • Jack Washbrooke
  • Linda Turner
  • Corrie Mancini
  • Nick Bolitho
  • Ashley Dickson
  • Stacey Doughty
  • Lentine Shaw
  • Callum Anderson
  • Natalie Raby
  • More to be added on confirmation
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