Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fit4Sport: South Leamington

Support Sport have recieved funding from the South Leamington Physical Activity Fund in order to deliver activities for children in South Leamington School.

The activities are based on multi-skills and multi-sports and developing the fitness skills of children in the area. The children undertook a few simple fitness tests on the first day, and will undertake the same tests on the last week of delivery, where we will assess how much of an improvement that they have made!

So far Support Sport have come into contact with just over 60 participants from mixed backgrounds.

See some of the comments below that have been made regarding the project:

"i love the coaches they make it fun and we are learning lots of sports"

"he has never got out of bed this early before!!!"

"we hade absolutely no trouble in school last week after the sessions, so it may well be helping the childrens learning too"

"im gonna be strong and fit when i finish"

"most of us can allready beat our test scores" 

"its a fantastic opportunity for children that dont always come first in the pecking order when it comes to opportunities like this...brilliant!"

Please keep an eye out on this blog so that you can see the whole story with photos at the end of the project, for any enquiries on the project, please contact supportsport@live.co.uk or

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